As a custom broker our commitment to our clients is a personalized attention to their basic needs. We have a highly developed system to take full advance advantage of their privileges, allowing you to reduce your time in the process.


Dispatch Freight Services Agency Provides the following customized logistics services:

  • Warehousing and Distribution of raw materials, finished goods and equipment's (pick and pack and order fulfillment.
  • Inventory control by location and bar codes.
  • Inventory and order processing via internet access.
  • SAP, Dalcec, systems are handled in our warehouse.
  • Bonded warehouse and foreign trade zone services.
  • Domestic and International Transportation Services (land, air).

Thinking about basic needs: such as speed, reliability, trustworthiness and overall quality, structured were policies and Procedures of work, same as every day we practice your equipment Reaches So THAT ITS destinations on time and as Desired.

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